Extending MVC Contrib MenuBuilder

By Deathraven on Tuesday 28 September 2010 09:37 - Comments (4)
Category: MVC, Views: 5.706

Today i am going to talk about MVCContrib's MenuBuilder. I started using it in a project of mine because it did exactly what i wanted it to and it saved me the effort of writing something like that myself.

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Spark and MvcContrib and the 'The type or namespace name 'FluentHtml' does not exist' error

By Deathraven on Monday 30 August 2010 12:17 - Comments (1)
Category: MVC, Views: 5.870

So its been a while since my last post. The past year getting my .Net 3.5 and WCF certification and switching to a new job have kept me rather busy. But perhaps more on that in a different post.

Lately I have been busy with asp.net mvc and my favourite viewengine Spark.
However it seems there is a problem in the spark compiler. Whenever
the app pool recycles, the spark compiler doesn't seem to load all of
the referenced assemblies, resulting in compilation errors.

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