Extending MVC Contrib MenuBuilder

By Deathraven on Tuesday 28 September 2010 09:37 - Comments (4)
Category: MVC, Views: 5.665

Today i am going to talk about MVCContrib's MenuBuilder. I started using it in a project of mine because it did exactly what i wanted it to and it saved me the effort of writing something like that myself.

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Spark and MvcContrib and the 'The type or namespace name 'FluentHtml' does not exist' error

By Deathraven on Monday 30 August 2010 12:17 - Comments (1)
Category: MVC, Views: 5.848

So its been a while since my last post. The past year getting my .Net 3.5 and WCF certification and switching to a new job have kept me rather busy. But perhaps more on that in a different post.

Lately I have been busy with asp.net mvc and my favourite viewengine Spark.
However it seems there is a problem in the spark compiler. Whenever
the app pool recycles, the spark compiler doesn't seem to load all of
the referenced assemblies, resulting in compilation errors.

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Hierarchical checkbox selection with infragistics WebHierarchicalDataGrid

By Deathraven on Friday 23 October 2009 11:32 - Comments (4)
Categories: Asp.Net, Infragistics, Software Development, Views: 12.113

In the 2009.2 release of the Aikido asp.net controls infragistics released the WebHierarchicalDataGrid. At the moment of writing it is still in CTP, but it will be officially release somewhere next week.

In combination with the WebHierarchicalDataSource displaying hierarchical data in the grid is a breeze. Since in the past i had to build a lot of these kind of views i dove right on it.

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ASP.Net Masked Edit extender displaying percentage

By Deathraven on Friday 4 September 2009 11:21 - Comments (7)
Categories: Asp.Net, Software Development, Views: 9.619

For a while now I have been working with the AjaxControlToolkit. And recently I noticed people asking about how to have a percentage sign shown inside a Textbox being extended by the Masked Edit Extender.

After seeing some gruweling posts about using the OnBlur event to manually append an percentage sign to the text in the textbox I figured i'd blog about it.

Its really simple. For example if u set the mask value to: Mask="999.99#%" then the editor will always display the % sign after your masked input ( ___,__ % ).
Of course you can easily swap it around to the other side Mask="%#999.99" becomes (% ___,__ )

WCF Service as asp.net webservice

By Deathraven on Friday 4 September 2009 10:12 - Comments are closed
Categories: Asp.Net, Software Development, WCF, Views: 2.011

I've been playing around with WCF again lately and i keep being impressed with the relative ease of implementation and simplicity it offers.
Normally when u host a wcf service in IIS. You setup a asp.net application, add a virtual directory and then add a svc file containing something along the lines off:

<%@ServiceHost Service="MyServiceNamespace.MyService" %>

However, what if u want to expose it as a asp.net webservice?, or in other words, as a .asmx.

The following code is for enabling a asp.net app to host your WCF service as a asmx webservice.

<compilation debug="true">
          <remove extension=".asmx"/>
          <add extension=".asmx" type="System.ServiceModel.ServiceBuildProvider,

Thats it. Besides doing the usual stuff when hosting a wcf service in IIS. These lines added to the web.config are all it takes to mask your wcf service as a asp.net webservice.