Migrating from ActiveRecord 1.3 to 2

By Deathraven on Tuesday 22 September 2009 10:30 - Comments (2)
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At work we have an application which uses Castle ActiveRecord 1.3. I have been wanting to upgrade to the latest version in trunk ever since the new Criterion API for NHibernate was introduced, however at the time, my pointy haired boss threw a wrench in that plan. Saying he wants a proven stable build. (in other words a Release Candidate).

A short while ago AR 2.0 was released and I rejoiced! So I downloaded the latest versions of AR, the Windsor container and DynamicProxy. And started updating.

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ASP.Net Masked Edit extender displaying percentage

By Deathraven on Friday 4 September 2009 11:21 - Comments (7)
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For a while now I have been working with the AjaxControlToolkit. And recently I noticed people asking about how to have a percentage sign shown inside a Textbox being extended by the Masked Edit Extender.

After seeing some gruweling posts about using the OnBlur event to manually append an percentage sign to the text in the textbox I figured i'd blog about it.

Its really simple. For example if u set the mask value to: Mask="999.99#%" then the editor will always display the % sign after your masked input ( ___,__ % ).
Of course you can easily swap it around to the other side Mask="%#999.99" becomes (% ___,__ )

WCF Service as asp.net webservice

By Deathraven on Friday 4 September 2009 10:12 - Comments are closed
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I've been playing around with WCF again lately and i keep being impressed with the relative ease of implementation and simplicity it offers.
Normally when u host a wcf service in IIS. You setup a asp.net application, add a virtual directory and then add a svc file containing something along the lines off:

<%@ServiceHost Service="MyServiceNamespace.MyService" %>

However, what if u want to expose it as a asp.net webservice?, or in other words, as a .asmx.

The following code is for enabling a asp.net app to host your WCF service as a asmx webservice.

<compilation debug="true">
          <remove extension=".asmx"/>
          <add extension=".asmx" type="System.ServiceModel.ServiceBuildProvider,

Thats it. Besides doing the usual stuff when hosting a wcf service in IIS. These lines added to the web.config are all it takes to mask your wcf service as a asp.net webservice.

The first one

By Deathraven on Thursday 3 September 2009 22:50 - Comments (7)
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Well there it is. The first post on my new Tweakers weblog.

I already have a weblog actually. Its over on Spaces.Live. However I decided to move here. The reason for that is simple. I dont like Spaces.Live. To much clutter.

So here i am!

Now, who the heck is Danthar?
Well my tweakers id is Deathraven. It is an old nickname I have been using for... a long time. 3 Years ago I decided to change my nickname to Danthar because I felt that Deathraven was not very original and I felt that I had outgrown it.
Also because my old weblog was under the name of Danthar, this one will be as well.

If u check my profile you will see that I work as an Software Engineer. That is mainly the type of posts you can expect to find here. Rantings about all things related to the programming industry.

In the coming 2 weeks or so I will be shadowing the most interesting posts from my old blog. I intent to shut it down eventually. If that is even possible.